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Mental Health – Bela Health Forum

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    Five Physical And Mental Men Health Problems You Should Be Aware Off
    One Of The Top Priorities In Your Life Should Be: Living A Good Life.
    There Is A Notion That Having Less Calorie Intake Is What Would Lead You To Your Ultimate Aim Of Losing Weight

Mental Health

What Are the Mental Health Problems Men Must Know

What Are the Mental Health Problems Men Must Know (2)

Five Physical and Mental men health problems should be aware off

All man, ready to assure their physical and mental health, should recognize more about the “invisible killer” around them, which should be of sufficient importance to every man!

1. Tension

A 10-year study Of the 4,000 people of different occupations by has confirmed, heart disease, is mainly from emotional stress.

Experts believe that: “When an individual living in the tension of the day, the more susceptible to hypertension.” There is mainly 2 kind of stress: the environmental and psychological.

The growth of good social relationships, you will be able to eliminate the unnecessary worries. To deal with the psychological tension is the wisdom of thinking and bio-feedback.

2. Smoking

Long-term smokers, the incidence of lung cancer is ten times -twenty times higher than non-smokers, the incidence of laryngeal cancer is six times -ten times and the incidence of a coronary heart is disease -three times – two times.

Smoking can harm sperm deformity and it’s DNA, which will cause premature birth and birth defects.

Some studies found that the children of smoking men have a greater danger of cancer. Smoking as well reduces sperm and reduces the inflow of blood to the penis, which will lead to impotence.

The issues of low fertility are basic among smokers.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol will injure the liver. The human liver is the most significant organ of detoxification, but also the synthesis of bile, the glycogen storage element, excessive alcohol is bound to lead to fat digestion and absorption of liver dysfunction and decreased immune function so that the body resistance of several diseases will reduce.

Alcohol can harm the brain, memory, intelligence and judgment will significantly reduce.

4. Sit up all night

What Are the Mental Health Problems Men Must Know (1)Sit up all night will surely reduce sleep time have no time to rest the brain and organs.

These will lead to critical health chances.

Sleep is the most significant approach to rest body.

Scientists advised that the long-term deficiency of sleep will cause weakened sense, slow thinking, coordination dysfunction, the risk of accidents, and personal injury.

Long-term lack of sleep, will take you direct physical damage, cause loss of appetite, dyspepsia, decrease immune function, trigger or aggravate insomnia, neurosis, ulcer disease, hypertension, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease etc.. Therefore, the long-term lack of sleep, Have not only a lack of sleep but as well can cause a variety of crucial problems.

To sum up, nightlife or night work should be in moderation, often stay up all night, is bound to have harmful health effects.

5. Excessive or lack of exercise

Experts suggest that the best dual-sport is to wear outdoor shoes to walk for half an hour it will be able to strengthen your muscles, make your heart speed up and make your breathing smooth.

Naturally, if the lack of appropriate exercise, it will also cause a lot of diseases such as chronic diseases, shortness of breath, obesity, dyspepsia, headache, back pain, anxiety, muscle weakness and atrophy, and accelerate the aging.

Tips to Recover From Your Mental Health

People suffering from mental health problem will think experience or act abnormally.What Are the Mental Health Problems Men Must Know (1)

This can be confusing not only for them but can affect their relationships, their work or education, and their social life. Having a mental health problem can make troubles for whole family members, friends, and the people they interact with.

Mental men health problems are generally caused by a kind of factors including the breakdown in a family relationship, death of a family member or a close friend, bullying, abuse, divorce, breakup from parents or beloveds, stress born of a person’s current situation.

When people first start to feel mental health difficulties they may not be able to fathom what is happening.

In a lot of cases, people tend to refuse that anything is wrong with them or even suppress information. Their reasons for doing this could be an embarrassment, a sense of shame or fear of other people’s reactions.

Please remember that there’s much support available to help people regain from mental health problems – in terms of counseling, therapy, medication and treatment in hospital.

Several treatments are suggested for different types of mental disease*. With the right support, the bulk of people with mental health problems will certainly recover.